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Dust Cyclones



Main Features:


  • Airlow rates from as little as 0.2m /s up to 17.5 m /s

  • Fully welded assembly - mild steel or stainless steel options available 

  • Filtration efficiencies up to 95% on 0.3 micron dusts

The ZONED range of dust cyclones are designed to separate course and fine dusts from airstreams in applications where media or other filtration devices are at risk of deterioration due to abrasion, high dust loading, or high air temperatures.


Our cyclones are fully fabricated structures designed to provide an air tight seal. The units are available with rotary valves on the dust outlet and PN flanges on the air inlets and outlets.


Our team of mechanical engineers are able to use the latest in CFD software to calculate cyclone filtration efficiencies under varying environmental factors, such as viscosity, particle size, density etc.

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