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ZONED is built on the bricks of quality and mortar of customer service.

We are proud to offer ventilation and air pollution control products that provide exceptional performance and efficient energy ratings


We offer a FRESH new approach to VENTILATION ENGINEERING

Our team of qualified engineers are able to offer expert advice on all HVAC and air pollution control products.

Product Selection Consultation

Custom designs

Life-cycle cost calculations

Axial Fans

Cased fans for ducted systems

Bifurcated Fans

for ducted applications where there are high temperatures, explosive vapours or corrosive fumes

Plate Mounted Axials

for wall mounting in large spaces such as factories or warehouses

Centrifugal Fans

Plastic and metal fans for industry, laboratories, hospitals and universities

Air Handling Units

precision climate control in centralised systems

Roof Fans

Extraction of heat through roofs of large factories and warehouses

Air Curtains

recovery of heat loss over industrial and commercial doorways

Evaporative Cooling Units

Energy efficient cooling of spaces where air conditioning is too expensive

Cartridge Filters

high efficiency filtration units with automated cleaning

Baghouse Filters

tubular bag filters with reverse jet cleaning, for applications with high dust loading or fibrous dusts

Dust Control Booths

environmental control booths for grinding and cutting applications

Shaker Filters

dust collectors with automated shaker cleaning for intermittent applications or operations with low dust loading

Venting Filters

auto cleaning filters for silos and receiver vessels

Downdraft Benches

worktop dust extraction for grinding, fettling and cutting applications


separation of dusts from airstreams without the need for filter media

Wet Scrubbers

Packed tower fume scrubbers for odour, fume and gas filtration in process extraction and local exhaust ventilation systems

Activated Carbon

to deliver odour control and VOC abatement, using refillable filter elements in a common housing

Cartridge Filters

for filtration of welding fumes (or similar) and incorporating an automated reverse jet cleaning system for 24/7 operation

Fume Cabinets

Custom designed hoods for partial enclosure of fumes and dusts in local exhaust ventilation systems

Portable Vacuum

high efficiency mobile filtration units with automated cleaning and suitable for cleaning and on-tool dust extraction applications

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning

full range of reverse jet filter units, vacuum exhausters, pre-separators, valves and tooling for effective and rapid collection to a central location

Air Curtains

recovery of heat loss over industrial and commercial doorways

Air Destratification

fans to reduce heat loss through roofs by moving accumulated high-level warm air downwards towards floor level of the building

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