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Bifurcated fan for solvent and high temperature applications



Bifurcated Fans

Our range of bifucated fans are designed to have the motor out of the aistream. This configuration allows the fan is to ventilate corrosive, high temperature and flammable environments.


Fans are available in diameters from 250mm to 800mm and airflow rates up to 10.5 m /s.


Each fan is fitted with an adjustable pitch impeller, allowing finite adjustment where needed.


All fans are designed for inverter control to ensure economical use.



Bifurcated axial fan with motor out of airstream

Main Features:


  • High efficiency aerofoil blade design

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 200 C (higher temperature versions are availavle on request)

  • Expanded casing to minimise losses from motor tunnel


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Technical Specification
Technical Specifications



  • Diameters from 250mm to 800mm

  • Polypropylene or aluminium aerofoil blade designs

  • Blades clamped within a central hub for adjustable pitch settings

  • Impeller spark rings fitted as option for explosive airstreams

  • Dynamically balanced to BS 848-7 / ISO 14694

Fan Casings


  • Manufactured from mild steel

  • Expanded diameter casing to accomodate motor tunnel and minimise airflow losses.

  • Hot dipped galvanised finish after manufacture

  • Flanged connections on both ends in accordance with Eurovent standards

Fan Motors


  • Totally enclosed squirrel caged (TEFC)

  • IP55 ingress rating as standard (higher levels available on request)

  • Shaft seals fitted to minimise ingress of dust and air leakage

  • Minimum Class "F" motor winding insulation

  • Continuous operation from -40 C to -50 C

  • Single phase (200-240V) or three phase (380-420V versions available

  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequencies available



Bifurcated axial fan
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