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Downdraft Benches

Main Features:


  • Work surface areas from 600x900mm to 900x1800mm

  • Front access for easy replacement of filter elements

  • Filtration efficiencies up to 99% on 0.3 micron dusts

  • ATEX Certification where applicable

Downdraft Workbench for Grding and Fettling

The ZONED range of downdraft benches are designed to provide powerful dust extarction across the entire work surface. These units are ideal for extraction of lcoaised dust from grding, curring and fettling using hand-held power tools.


The extracted air is filtered through a bank of filters located in the main body allowing recirculation of the air back into the facility, thus reducing heating and cooling bills.


We are able to custom-design and build the downflow benches to meet your specific requirements: width, height, side baffles and type and level of filtration.

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