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Ventilation fan



Cased Axial Fans

Our range of high efficiency in-line axial flow fans are available in both long and short cased versions.


Fan diameters from 250mm to 1,250mm and airflow duties up to 44 m /s.


Each fan is fitted with an adjustable pitch impeller, allowing adjustment of the aerofoil blades for a multitude of flow and pressure configurations.



Basic Features:

  • High efficiency aerofoil blade design

  • Adjustable pitch impellers

  • Low sound levels

  • IE2 or IE3 motors

  • Atex versions available on request

Technical Specification
Technical Specifications



  • Diameters from 250mm to 1,250mm

  • Polypropylene or aluminium aerofoil blade design

  • Blades clamped within a central hub for adjustable pitch settings

  • Dynamically balanced to BS 848-7 / ISO 14694

  • Form 'B' airflow direction as standard, Form 'A' available on request

Fan Casings


  • Manufactured from mild steel

  • Hot dipped galvanised finish after manufacture

  • Flanged connections on both ends in accordance with Eurovent standards

Fan Motors


  • Totally enclosed squirrel caged (TEFC)

  • IP55 ingress rating as standard (higher levels available on request)

  • Minimum Class "F" motor winding insulation

  • Continuous operation from -40 C to -50 C

  • Single phase (200-240V) or three phase (380-420V versions available

  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequencies available



Long Cased Axial Fan for Building Services HVAC Applications

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