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Shaker Filters

Main Features:


  • Filter areas from 3m  to 44 m

  • Front access for Ease of maintenance

  • Quick release facility for dust bin

  • No requirement for compressed air

  • ATEX Certification where applicable



The ZONED FS range of shaker filters are part of a long established range of automatic cleaning filters, designed for intermittent operation in process and general dust extraction applications.


Our recently updated models provide generously sized pre-separation chambers to increase dust handling capacity whilst reducing the load on the filter elements.


A range of space saving integral fans are available with optional outlet silencers. Larger units may be served by floor mounted fans for increased efficiency.


The FS range of filters are an effective and efficient way to reduce airborne dusts from your facility, providing an improved workplace for your employees and ensuring optimum product quality.

Technical Specifications



  • Fully welded mild steel enclosures with sealed flange connections between chambers

  • Epoxy coated finish as standard

  • Powder coated finish as option



  • 0.75kW to 18.5kW fan models available

  • Super-efficient motors with both single phase (220-240V) or three phase (400-440V) supply options available

  • ATEX version fans and motors available

Filter Elements


  • 340 gms Polyester needlefelt material with standard glazed finish

  • Filter pockets supported on common shaker frame

Cleaning System


  • Stand alone shaker motor with auto-start function on air shutdown



  • Explosion relief panels fitted for combustible dusts

  • Variety of filter media options available to suit your application including anti-static (epitropic) for ATEX applications

  • Weatherproof cowl for outdoor applications

  • Final HEPA (absolute) filtration for return of air to indoors

  • Bin balance facility for collection into bag

  • Outlet sound attenuator

  • Colours to suit your environment

  • Control panels available for connection to BMS systems

  • Differential pressure gauges available for filter monitoring

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Technical Specification

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