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Evaporative Coolers

Our range of industrial evaporative cooling units are designed to provide cost-effective comfort cooling to the industrial and general manufacturing markets.


ZONED offer four sizes of evaporative coolers as standard, with airflow ranging from 4 m /s up to as high as 22 m /s - the largest units in the marketplace!


A special feature of our units are the high level of air filtration (EU9) that can be achieved - ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications.


Our team of qualified engineers are ready to help you select the right cooler for your application.



Evaporative cooler with top discharge connection

Main Features:


  • Stainless steel enclosure throughout

  • Top, side and bottom discharge versions available

  • Anti-bacterial humidification mats for longer life

  • Adiabatic cooling efficiencies up to 80%

Technical Specification
Technical Specifications



  • Airflow rates up to 80,000 m3/hr

  • Forward curved centrifugal fans to develop medium pressure and volume characteristics for ducted applications

  • Impellers are static and dynamic balanced to ensure long motor life and low noise levels

  • Super-efficient motors suitable for speed contol

  • Single phase (200-240V) or three phase (380-420V versions available

  • 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequencies available



  • UV stabilised polypropylene structure with corrosion proof characteristics

  • Top, bottom and side discharge configurations to meet your exact installation requirement

  • Integrated water sump and auto drain feature

  • 100mm thick humidification pads for adiabatic cooling efficiencies up to 85%

Water System


  • Auto activation of pump when cooling is required

  • No-clogging water pipework system to ensure continuous performance and completely wetted mats

  • WRAPs approved water inlet valve with solenoid activation

  • Low-level and high level sensor switches

  • Auto-dump feature to remove stagnant water and reduce the risk of legionella bacterium

Evaporative Cooler on Warehouse Distribution Centre

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