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Baghouse Filters

The ZONED FT range of tubular baghouse filters are part of a long established range of automatic reverse-jet cleaning filters, designed for continuous operation in manufacturing process that require filters to handle a high dust loading with correspondingly high filtration efficiencies.


Our recently updated baghouse models incorporate a series of internal tubular cages surrounded by high efficiency polyester needlefelt cloth elements, designed to improve dust release and reduce compressed air consumption when pulse cleaning.


The FT range of dust filters is an effective and efficient way to reduce airborne dusts from your facility, providing an improved workplace for your employees and ensuring optimum product quality.

Main Features:


  • Filter areas from 40m   to 540 m

  • Top access clean dust plenum (for ease of maintenance)

  • Quick release facility for dust bin

  • Filtration efficiencies up to 99% on 0.3 micron dusts

  • ATEX certification for Zone 21 and 22 dust applications



Technical Specifications



  • Fully welded filter unit enclosures using minimum 2mm mild steel sheet

  • Sealed flange connections between all chambers of the baghouse

  • Epoxy coated finish as standard (powder coated finish as option)

  • Access ladder and guard railing for filter element changing supplied as option

Filter Elements


  • 550gsm polyester needlefelt elements on zinc coated steel cages

  • Single felt stainless steel Snaptex sealing ring  on top for superior seal during jet cleaning and for ease of removal

  • Option of claw joint on cage for filter removal in limited height areas

Cleaning System


  • Automated reverse-jet (pulse-jet) cleaning system for 24/7 operation

  • Filter sequencing control panel supplied as standard to automate pulse cleaning through timed delays or only when elements are dirty (to save on compressed air consumption).



  • Explosion relief panels fitted to bag-house unit for venting of combustible dusts

  • Variety of filter media options available to suit your application including anti-static (epitropic) for ATEX applications

  • Final HEPA (absolute) filtration for return of air to indoors

  • Bin balance facility for collection into bag

  • Colours to suit your needs

  • Differential pressure gauges available for filter monitoring

Technical Specification

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