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Solvent and workplace fume cabinets



Fume Cabinets

A number of manufacturing processes require staff to carry out adhesion, coating, soldering, painting or spraying on workbench tops. These activities can release a long list of hazardous substances into the air, which can then be breathed in by the persons carrying out the work.


ZONED have developed a range of simple fume cabinets which partially enclose the activity, leaving a front opening where the staff may continue working and through which air is drawn in. The inward movement of air allows the hood to be under constant suction, preventing fumes escaping back into the workplace and therefore inhaled by staff.


The hoods are designed to fully comply with the COSHH Regulations 2002 and associated technical guidance note HSG-258.

Benchtop Fume Cabinet

Main Features:


  • Ease of installation - simply rest the cabinet on top of an existing worktop and duct into the air system (by others)

  • Clear acrylic sheets on top, back and sides to maintain good visibility inside the hood

  • Multitude of height and width options available to suit your application

  • Hinged access panels on the front opening to allow large equipment be inserted without the need for increased airflow through the unit

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