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Supplier of vaccum cleaning equipment for centralised vacuum cleaning systems cvc



Centralised Vacuum

Centralised vacuum cleaning systems offer instantaneous and rapid cleaning in facilities that experience high ambient dust levels or generation dusts which are highly explosive or toxic. The systems offer simultaneous cleaning by a number of personnel and the collection of dusts to a single location for safe handling.


ZONED offer an extensive range of plant required for the effective operation of CVC systems including vacuum exhausters, reverse jet filtration plant, rotary valves, pre-separators, acoustic enclosure and industrial grade pipework and tooling.


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Reverse jet filter and exhauster for CVC system

Main Features:


  • High airflow rates for effective capture and fast cleaning times

  • High vacuum pump design to overcome resistance through small tooling and long hose lengths

  • Option of automated cleaning for continuous operation without loss in suction

  • High level filtration for toxic dusts

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