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Supplier of air destratification fans



Air Destratification

Warehouse factory destrat fan

Main Features:


  • Various models available with airflow rates to suit building heights from 4m to 14m

  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Built in thermostat to activate the unit when temperature rises above set point

  • Automatic or manual speed control available

  • Four-way outlet louvres for air distribution

One of the most inefficient features of any building design is the loss of heat energy through the roof, especially in warehouses and factories with high roofs.


Warm air rises to high level and begins to accumulate under the roof, causing a stratification of temperatures that can be as much as fifteen degrees celsius higher than that at floor level. Inefficiencies are caused for two reasons:

  • the warmer air at roof level remains unused and therefore wasted

  • the high level air is at such a higher temperature that the losses through the roof increase, therefore causing heaters to over compensate for these losses


The ZONED range of destratification fans are designed to neutralise the temperature differential over the height of the building, pushing the conditioned air back to low level, where people can feel the benefits.

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