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Carbon Filtration for vapours and odours



Carbon Air Filters

Main Features:


  • Diffusion air over the full filtration area to maximise efficiencies

  • Range of mild steel enclosures with powder coated finish available

  • Pre-filters (including HEPA’s) available in single enclosure

  • Handling of air temperatures up to 50  C

  • Airflow rates from 0.1 m /s to over   15 m /s




Organisations are under ever-increasing pressure to remove odours and pollutants from the air whilst minimising the impact of any filtration on energy usage. ZONED have developed a range of activated carbon filters to provide high level adsorption of solvents, gases and odours from the air, allowing recirculation of the conditioned air back into the facility for energy recovery.


Our versatile carbon cell designs enable us to provide filtration to a variety of industries, including:


  • Offices

  • Hotels

  • Public buildings

  • Laboratories

  • Chemical processing plants

  • Pharmaceuticals production


The filter cells comprise a complex honeycomb of activated carbon cells, manufactured to ensure the highest level of filtration and life for the volume expended.

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