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Packed tower Wet Sctubber filtration



Wet Scrubbers

Packed Tower Wet Scrubber

The ZONED WPS range of packed-tower wet scrubbers are designed to remove contaminants such as odours, solvents and inorganic gases from air whilst minimising the impact of filtration on energy costs.


The scrubbers utilise a counter-flow principle of filtration to maximise the absorption of contaminants into the reactant liquor and achieving filtration efficiencies up to 99.9%.


ZONED are able to offer multi-tower scrubbers for applications where more demanding filtration is required, such as multiple substances in the airstream or applications with high contaminant loading.


Main Features:


  • Designed to BS 4994

  • Range of construction materials available from uPVC to stainless steel

  • Automated dosing system for scrubbing liquor

  • Electrical controls available for monitoring aiflow, pressures and liquid levels.

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