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Dust Control Booths

The ZONED range of environmental control booths (ECB's) is designed to ensure flexible dust control in applications where operators are to be restricted to a single working area.


The dust control booths offer great flexibility in applications where grinding and cutting of large components are required and where localised hoods will be insufficient to contain any dusts generated.


The extracted dust is filtered through a bank of filters located in the rear plenum, allowing recirculation of the air back into the facility, thus reducing heating and cooling bills.


Automatic reverse-jet cleaning options are available for production processes where a 24/7 duty is required.


We are able to custom-design and build the dust booths to meet your specific requirements: width, height, lighting and type and level of filtration.

Grinding of Chasis in Environmental Control booth

Main Features:


  • Booths up to 10 meters wide with no intermediate supports obstructing the movement of personnel and parts

  • Front access of filter elements for ease of maintenance

  • Filtration efficiencies up to 99.99% on 0.3 micron dusts

  • ATEX Certification where applicable

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