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Fume, vapour and solvent extraction & filtration supplier and manufacturer



ZONED is an industry leader in the design and development of fume extraction and air filtration products, ensuring guaranteed effectiveness in the control of fumes, vapours, solvents and odours, whilst minimising the use of energy.

Our fume control solutions ensure full compliance with the COSHH Regulations and associated HSE guidance HSG 258, for local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system design. We also offer a range of extractor and air filtration units to operate within Zone 21 and Zone 22 explosive environments, in conformance with the European Atex Directive for explosive and flammable fumes, vapours and gases (DSEAR UK).

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We offer an extensive range of fume extraction equipment and odour filters to incorporate into your local exhaust ventilation system design. Choose you fume extraction solution from our varied selection above – you will not be disappointed!

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